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The Latin expression ‘con anima’ is occasionally given as performance instruction for musical pieces. It is literally translated as ‘with soul’, but in a broader sense the word ‘anima’ can also mean ‘heart’, ‘vitality’, and ‘courage’. That is what Orchester con anima stands for: We do not primarily aim for musical excellence and technical virtuosity. Rather, we want to foster social solidarity and the courage to venture on new paths, to express ourselves with music, to experience with all senses, and, most importantly, to play with passion and from our hearts!

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Who is Con Anima aimed at?

In principle, anyone who wants to learn an instrument in a group context and is open to our concept is welcome in our orchestra.


Our main group is primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults who want to learn an instrument in a group context.

Since the summer of 2021, parents and their children (6 years and older) have been able to experience making music together and playing instruments in our "Mozart Group".

Newcomers to both offers (main group and "Mozart group") are always welcome! Contact us if you are interested or simply drop by our rehearsals in Landwasser (Freiburg).

What are we currentlynotcan guaranteeis:

  • regular private lessons

  • Targeted music-educational individual care for children.

If you are looking for financially supported instrumental lessons for your child (up to the age of 18), please contact the music school(s) in your region. These usually offer a wide range of instrumental individual and group lessons and can often offer support with their financing.


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