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:: music :: voice :: performance :: dance :: electronics

Touch, contact and rituals became a problem during the pandemic, facial expressions are often covered by a mask.

This contradiction between inside and outside, hygienically covered skin and emotions that get under the skin, was the beginning of the collaborative creative process. 

The young Freiburg cultural association zeug und quer e. V. presents with the Ensemble Scope, which specializes in new music, an evening that aims to touch by negotiating 'non-touch', the imperative of physical distance. 


"Each other touch you (and not 'each other')"(Jean-Luc Nancy) - the pleasant closeness of this "you" touch and being touched "me" is missing. 


premieres ofClemens K. Thomas, Lucia Kilger and Ria Rehfussapproach this new discrepancy of a body and mind left to their own devices from different perspectives and will be set designers with Brigitta Muntendorf's 'make-up' and Alexander Schubert's 'Point Ones'Cornelius Reitmayrwoven into a dramaturgical arc. The musical direction hasFriederike Scheunchen.



Friederike Scheunchen – musical + artistic direction

Clemens K. Thomas – composition + artistic direction

Lucia Kilger – composition, sound direction + artistic direction

Ria Rehfuss – composition, performance + dramaturgy

Cornelius Reitmayr – set design, lighting + costumes

Paul Ebert – Project Management


Hannah Wagner - Violin | Katharina Schmauder - Viola | Benjamin Coyte - Cello | Anna Stelzner - double bass | Lina Andonovska - flute | Daniela Kohler - clarinet | Eleni Ralli - Piano | Paul Ebert - Percussion | Robert Menczel - electric guitar | Svenja Bleyer - Harp | Natalia Ortega Marti  - Soprano

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cooperation partner:

E-Werk Freiburg

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