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European-Arab Choir Freiburg

Building bridges by singing together!

The program for our choir Cantara is: Cantara means “bridge” in Arabic قنطرة (pronounced with a throaty K) – in Latin script we are again at Cantare: “singing”.

We meet traditional Arabic vocal music and classical European choral works. It is important for us to deal with the different musical languages and of course the joy of singing together.

Our choir arose from a music education project at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, which was supposed to end at the end of June 2016. But the participants - then students of the music school and refugees from Syria and Iraq - had so much fun singing together that they just wanted to keep going. This is how the European-Arab Choir Cantara came into being in autumn 2016.

The rehearsals are led by the Freiburg singer and music mediator Nina Amon. Our choir is accompanied by an instrumental ensemble on classical Arabic instruments.

Cantara now has old and new Freiburg residents among its members – people from Germany and Austria, from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon.

We are all connected by the commitment to the musical dialogue between western and eastern musical traditions and the joy of classical vocal music. And we look forward to new, interested fellow singers.

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